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Layne [14 Jan 2010|10:20pm]


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[28 Nov 2008|04:16pm]


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iCons [26 Apr 2007|11:33pm]

Hey. I made some icons of Layne, mostly from the Unplugged show but a few others too...

01-20 = Faces of Eddie Vedder
21-40 = Layne Staley

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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[27 Nov 2006|10:04pm]

Two (random) questions.

1 - What is your favourite Alice in Chains lyric?

2 - Do you have any Alice in Chains/Layne tattoos?

I'm getting lyrics from Would on my lower back next year, and I'm just wondering what other people like/have.

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AIC at the Paramount [26 Nov 2006|07:01pm]

The show in Seattle was the best I've ever been to. The venue was absolutely amazing. I drove down from Vancouver that afternoon, and Seattle is definitely a great city. There was such a sense of camaraderie in the crowd the whole time. The show was filmed, and it was a great time.

There were a few moments when I couldn't hold back tears--Nutshell, Don't Follow. It was a mix of happiness and sadness. The guys looked so happy being up there together. It was a fantastic show, and I'll never forget it.
Ann Wilson came out to sing on Brother during the acoustic set and it was beautiful, just beautiful. And Inez was clearly having the time of his life, beaming and singing along to every song. Layne's mom was at the show, as was Kim Thayil if the rumours from backstage are true. It would have been great to see him too!

At the end of the show, Jerry stared out into the crowd and said "it's good to be home" with a little smile.

I saw William sing with Jerry in 2001, but I was really impressed with how great he sounded with the whole band this time. He doesn't try to BE Layne, but he does the songs justice. Excellent.

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new. [20 Nov 2006|09:02pm]

This is one of those idiotic "Hi-Welcome-Me-To-The-Community" posts.
In advance, I'd like to say sorry.

Well, first off, is there anyone here from Memphis, Tennessee?

If so, add me immediantly.
I need friends here with good music tastes.
Seriously, when is this death cab for cutie shit going to get old?

Well, here are my basics:
I'm Tara. I'm 18, & I'm a female.

Alice In Chains has been my favorite band for uhm.
.. 4 years now?

I'm planning on getting the sun with "AIC" in the middle on my lower back, as my first tattoo.
I'll def. post pictures when I do.

Possibly I will get one with Layne Staley birth&death dates on my upper wrist,
above my elbow on my left arm?

I'm not sure.

Ramble is over now haha.

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[12 Nov 2006|06:34pm]

the minneapolis show (my show) is tomorrow night and i can't fucking wait!!!!!!

anyone else going to that one?

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Alice on Halloween in Providence RI [05 Nov 2006|02:31am]

Alice on Halloween

This is quick because my mind is all over the place tonight, and I got out of work 2 hours late. The concert I went to on halloween was one of the best in my life. Easily in the top 3 shows I've ever been to. Which is saying a lot, because I've been to a lot of freaking shows in my 23 years.. I am so glad I got to experience it with Kyle and Jason, two of my favorite people to be around.

Alice in Chains, sold out. I don't love the atmosphere of the new lupo's, but I was so enamored by the surrounding environment and sounds/great fans that it didn't impact me as much as it usually does.

I know a lot of people were hyping up the opening band Hurt. I am going to be blatantly honest and say I did not enjoy them. No, not because they were opening for my favorite band. Simply because their sounds did not please my ears. Too generic and too angry to move me in any direction besides disappointed.

Onto AIC. First time I saw Jerry was still the best to date. Maybe it still is? Something about seeing your idol play before you for the first time just has that effect maybe? Definetly. Moving on, this is the second best time. Especially because of Mike & Sean. I have to say William has really improved immensely from the last 6 times I have seen him play and sing. I was overtly impressed. The show was being recorded. I believe possibly for a future dvd. That would be awesome, because I would love to have that as a memoir. Nevermind the fact we are definetly in the camera's view through most of the show.

They played for 2 and a half freaking hours. 26 songs! A double disc worth of material, right before my very eyes. They might as well have played best of the box hahaha.

They were playing songs that I never thought would grace my ears. God, thinking back I struggled to name all of the songs off the top of my head that they played throughout the course of the night. Hearing the opening chords for Grind brought a smile to my face instantaneously. Chills down my spine. They even played God Smack. Also, one of my favorites, Don't Follow. Not to mention hearing Killer is Me for the first time personally. I haven't heard What the hell have I since Jerry toured on Boggy Depot. I was at a complete loss for words, minus every word I sang for every song.

They played a 45 minute acoustic set in between, as if everything else wasn't enough. Their acoustic stuff instantly reminds me how I am just as much a fan (if not more) of their intimate side. It's so lovely to hear those harmonies mixed with acoustics live. I couldn't believe I was experiencing this in person. It felt like such a dream, so surreal. The guys were having so much fun. Everyone was in great spirits. Funniest part was Mike wearing a "Free Buddy" T-Shirt (in reference to Buddy Cianci, former mayor of providence, inside joke for us Rhode Islanders.) I love mike.

In between sets was a montage of past and present concert video / pictures. Also, a very sad video montage in memoir of the late Layne Staley. I had tears forming from the corner of my eye at this point, as sappy as it sounds at a rock show. I was ecstatic hearing "Died" play during part of the video montage. God what I wouldn't do to hear that song live.

In conclusion, I was extremely happy hearing songs that they haven't played in a while. They sounded absolutely amazing in every way shape and form. I couldn't have been happier, minus the idiot who attempted to fight my friends and I (unsuccesfully). So funny watching him being escorted by 5 bouncers simultaneously. What a tool.

Only way this night was better was if I met some of the guys after. Awesome seeing some friends at the end of the show. Wish we had met up sooner.

whale and wasp (intro)

bleed the freak
it ain't like that
them bones
dam that river

don't follow
no excuses
killer is me
down in a hole
got me wrong

sludge factory
heaven beside you
we die young
angry chair
man in the box

rain when i die
god smack
what the hell have i
love hate love

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[14 Oct 2006|07:13pm]

I need a favor.

I`m making a Layne collage & need all the pictures I can.

I`d appriciate website links to good galleries, individual picures, or anything else beautiful.

Large pictures are preferred, but I`m happy with all kinds.

Help is very appriciated! (:

x posted

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Hidalgo, TX 10/5/06 [07 Oct 2006|03:39am]

The show was goddamned amazing. The guys looked and sounded great, and William Duvall showed himself to be an exceptional singer. His voice blended well with everything they did. He's not Layne, and he's not trying to be. I hadn't realized it was the same guy, but i saw him open for Jerry a few years back for the Degradation Trip tour, with his then-band. I remembered really liking him at the time. If his addition to the band continues past this tour, it could be a great thing for the future of Alice in Chains and the fan community.

Jerry seemed genuinely moved to be on stage with Alice again. The vibe from the stage was much different than his solo tour. Mike played most of the night with a lopsided grin on his face, just watching the show with us, and keeping the rythm strong and heavy. Sean sat in the back, hitting things with sticks and smoking his cigars.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are right in continuing on with the name and material of Alice in Chains. I hope they do begin to create more music together now, but i am also glad i got to see them doing all of the old material. I don't want to ruin the emotion of the moment for anyone, so i'll avoid details, but they honor Layne's memory and do him proud with the show they put on. This WAS Alice in Chains back together again.

I'd write more, but i must hunt down and kill this mosquito that has taken a fancy to me....

Good luck to all of you who are hoping to catch a show. I wish i could join you, again, and again, and again.... yeah.

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tonight's the night [05 Oct 2006|12:11pm]

i'm gonna go see Alice play in Hidalgo, TX tonight. It's been a long time coming.... i feel like a kid getting ready for prom.

just wanted to brag.... :p

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Essential AIC [07 Sep 2006|06:37pm]
I know some of you might not be motivated to buy this but let me just tell you why you should get it:


The dvd that comes with it: The fucking NONA TAPES

p.s. new vid for Heaven with leftover Nona clips!

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[05 Sep 2006|08:53am]

iSOUND Alice in Chains Contest
2 winners will get a copy of the essential Alice In Chains CD along with signed CD booklets:
Enter Here http://www.isound.com/contests/

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Icons [30 Aug 2006|01:19pm]

Hiya, I made a few Layne/AIC icons...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The rest can be found here: blackeyed_icons

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[21 Jul 2006|01:43pm]


Over the next few years, CANTREll, KINNEY and INEZ would go onto different projects including CANTRELL's Degradation Trip (his sophomore solo album) which was dedicated to STALEY. The 25-song double album was a stunning emotional tour-de-force, written before STALEY’s passing but often cited for the prophetic mournfulness of its lyrics. After the 2002 death of LAYNE STALEY, the members of ALICE IN CHAINS continued on with their projects until a 2005 benefit in Seattle. Overwhelmed by the Tsunami, they were moved to put together a charity show for CARE. It was the first time the band performed together in eight years. Five months later, KINNEY posed the question, "Should we go round the world and play these songs one more time." Their March 2006 performance on the "VH1 Decades Rock Live" tribute to Heart in Atlantic City confirmed that their fans still wanted to hear them live. This year, JERRY CANTRELL, SEAN KINNEY and MIKE INEZ are thrilled to be reunited and returning to the music they created and the legacy that is ALICE IN CHAINS. They are also looking forward to 2006 as a watershed moment for all of them and a chance to move into the future with the project that has meant so much to all of them.

is it possible, that they'll go into a studio again? perhaps not now, but what do you think?

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[02 Jul 2006|11:27am]

Could somebofy post a screencap of the part of the "Again" video where it says "EDUCATE SEDATE" on the chalkboard? I will love you and credit you. (yes that's how I came up with my username)

Thanks in advance.

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New US AIC Dates Announced [25 May 2006|04:47pm]
New US AIC Dates Announced

It's official, Alice In Chains will be doing a series of US tour dates once the band is back from Europe. During the first half of August, AIC will play the following cities: Hampton Beach, NH; Sayreville, NJ; Bethlehem, PA and Sioux Falls, SD. Several of these dates are festival shows. For more details on these concerts, please visit the Tour page.

Presale Details

AliceInChains.com will be holding a number of presales on Tuesday, May 30. There will be four presales and they will be staggered throughout the day. Here's what goes on sale where:

Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom - Hampton Beach, NH - May 30 @ 11am EDT

Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ - May 30 @ noon EDT

Musikfest, River Place Venue - Bethlehem, PA - May 30 @ 1pm EDT

Sioux Empire Fairgrounds - Sioux Falls, SD - May 30 @ 2pm CDT

The AliceInChains.com Store will be handling all the sales. We recommend that you sign up for a Store account prior to purchasing tickets so that your checkout process is quick and easy. All shows will be will-call pick-up ONLY and all are all-ages except for the Hampton Beach date. More details on the Tickets are available on the Tickets page.

All four dates will be having public sales. More details on these sales will be released after May 30.

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AIC in Boston [24 May 2006|05:23am]

Last night was a night that I've been waiting for for a long time.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.

I met up with my friend Kyle and Jason at about 4 to make our trek down to Boston. Traffic was not as horrible as anticipated. We found parking for under 30 dollars and ended up in a good area close to the venue. We met up with DoggTripp before the show at Boston Beerworks. It was awesome sitting down with three fellow music buffs to talk over the sox game and some dinner.

The anticipation was building up inside of me as we made our way over to the Avalon. I didn't bring my camera as they said "Absolutely no cameras" when I had called earlier. I was kicking myself after we got in, because I could have brought my digital recorder and camera as they did no search on anyone prior to entry. I didn't really care about the opening acts, but can you blame me?

Alice didn't take too long to grace the stage. Although it seemed like an eternity, it was probably only 20 or 30 minutes. The crowd went absolutely insane when Mike, Jerry, Sean and William came on stage. Everyone looked so happy the whole time they were playing. Jerry definetly looked out and smiled at me specifically a few times, which is awesome in itself. They played pretty much everything off dirt sans two or three tracks. It was actually the exact same set list from LA with maybe one or two songs extra. They did play dirt this time around though, as well as Rain When I Die. I couldnt believe that. I enjoyed Dam that River and Them Bones the most. I was a little disappointe Maynard didn't show up, but I was happy as a pig in shit regardless.

1. Sludge Factory
2. Dam that river
3. Rain when i die
4. We die young
5. It aint like that
6. Love hate love
7. Rooster
8. Down in a hole
9. Again
10. Junkhead
11. Them bones
12. Would
13. Dirt
14. Angry Chair
15. Man in the Box

The best part of the show was seeing Jerry smile out at me specifically a handful of times, seeing Sean playing behind the kit like a mad man the entire time(even though he had pneumonia), and having Mike stage dive into my hands at the end of the encore! That was worth 30 dollars in itself. Also a funny part was the crowd chanting for Jerry repeatedly, and Jerry turning around and asking "What about Mike and Sean? What about William?"

Jerry's talkbox wasn't working during Man in the Box, as well as his amp having feedback issues during some of the set. He was pissed off at a few points. Someones getting fired after this tour. Also I couldn't hear William very well at all. I know part of it was because the entire show was a sing-a-long due to everyone who was there being devout Alice fans. I was only a few feet away from the stage though, and barely audible. The mic wasn't eq'd high enough and you could here minimal at best of William singing his heart out. He did have excellent stage presence I must say. I was impressed with how well he had adapted at this point in.

After the show William walked out to a handful of fans that were remaining outside. I got to shake his hand and BDB talked to him briefly. He didn't talk too long because he explained to the fans that he had to go to New York, and he obvisouly looked very tired afterwards. My friend Kyle got a photo of him as well as a few of us after. I'll have to post them when they send them to me. I didn't get to stick around until Sean came out late because the parking garage we parked in was closing

One of the most amazing shows I have attended to date.

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LA show last night [19 May 2006|04:53pm]
from here

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Seattle rock band Alice in Chains, one of the biggest acts of the early 1990s until drugs got in the way, launched its first tour since 1996 in Los Angeles on Thursday with the help of a few famous friends.

Former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan turned up at the packed Roxy Theater to sing a tune, as did former Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan. Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan, playing guitar, accompanied the band on five songs.

The sold-out show at the 450-capacity venue was the first of five that will take the band to clubs in San Diego (May 19), Chicago (May 21), Boston (May 22) and New York (May 23). The band played a last-minute "open rehearsal" in Seattle on Tuesday. A European jaunt begins on May 26 in Lisbon.

Alice in Chains last toured in June-July 1996, when it opened four shows for Kiss. Subbing for vocalist Layne Staley, who died of a drug overdose in April 2002, is William DuVall, an old collaborator of guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

The afro-coiffed DuVall, sporting an unbuttoned leather shirt, effectively channeled the menace of his ill-fated predecessor. Cantrell in a vintage Eveready t-shirt, bass player Mike Inez in a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and drummer Sean Kinney kept things just as heavy as they did in their heyday.

The economical 70-minute performance centered on tunes from the band's breakthrough 1992 album "Dirt," including "Down in a Hole" (sung by Corgan), "Rooster" (Lanegan), "Junkhead," "Angry Chair," "Would?" and the final song "Them Bones." Others included "Man in the Box" and "We Die Young" from 1990's "Facelift," and "Again" and show opener "Sludge Factory" from the band's final studio release, the self-titled 1995 "three-legged dog" album.

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articles on the Seattle show [18 May 2006|09:32am]
I would have posted the text here, but then I'd wanna put the pictures in too and I am feeling lazy this morning.

Alice in Chains roars back into the spotlight

Here's what bothered me about the above article:

"It's impossible to have a reunion without Layne," drummer Sean Kinney said last year.

But the band's successful 2005 tsunami relief concert might have changed minds. The group was ripe for rebirth. The high-energy show at the Moore proved the band is ready to carry on in Staley's absence.

Absence? Is he coming back? And this writer should know that it is NOT Alice In Chains without Layne Staley.

Alice in Chains + Brioche = Very Good Day in Seattle

By far the better of the two but still a bit shaky (at least until I hear DuVall for myself).

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